Taxation of the entrepreneur in Serbia - official opinion on some of the questions
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utorak, 04 decembar 2012 21:20
  1. Is the interest expenditure on the basis of a bank loan recognised as expenditure in the tax balance of the entrepreneur?
  2. Is the depreciation of the real estate leased by the entrepreneur within self-employment recognised as expenditure for the tax purposes of the taxpayer?
  3. Is the entrepreneur entitled to converting the means from the current account into foreign means of payment and transferring them to their foreign currency account?
  4. Is a contributor entitled to a refund of contributions from the base which exceeds the amount of the highest annual base?

Taxation of the income on the basis of self-employment is regulated by provisions of Articles 31 and 51 of the Act on Personal Income Tax – hereinafter referred to as “the Act”.

The provision of Article 32 stipulates that the taxpayer who is liable to pay tax on income from self-employment is an individual who earns income through activities from Article 31 of the Act, including an individual who earns income from agriculture, forestry, as well as, any other individual who is liable to pay value added tax in accordance with the Act regulating the value added tax (Hereinafter: entrepreneur.)

Thus, from the standpoint of the taxation of personal income tax, the individuals who are payers of value added tax are considered to be entrepreneurs and shall pay the income tax on income from self-employment, regardless of whether they have registered the activities with the competent authority.

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