How to start your own business in Serbia

from a legal-tax viewpoint (2008)
Author – Ljubiša Lazarević, graduate economist
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Dear Reader,

In front of you is a book whose aim is to help you in making a decision on starting your own business in Serbia.

The very title of the book “How to start your own business in Serbia – from a legal-tax viewpoint“ could be interpreted that the book deals with something less important, something secondary in the complex decision-making process on whether to start a business in Serbia. In a way, this observation stands since this book does not deal with the essence of the business to be set up, but rather with a group of various issues (legal, tax, financial, municipal, accounting, etc.) concerning the small business in Serbia.

However, in a certain moment of planning or running one`s own business, precisely those issues could affect the very essence of the business. It is my belief that this book can help one comprehend properly the system affecting business activities of small enterprises in Serbia, while, on the other hand, the understanding of the system helps everyone find his/her place.

The book is intended primarily for those who are thinking whether to start their own business in Serbia. Here, they can find a lot of useful, practical information that could help them in making an exact profitability calculation. I would like to mention that this book was envisaged primarily as an encouragement to those starting their own business. Nevertheless, while writing the book, I realized that this issue is rather complex and that setting up a business in Serbia could seem too complicated to someone.

Dear Reader, do not be discouraged by this. Certain information is given in great detail, but that does not mean that the owner of the business has to manage everything by himself/herself. Some obligations are handled by accountants, lawyers, tax advisers or others. The best evidence that the small business sector is growing dynamically is a considerable number of entrepreneurs` stores and companies being established every day at the Business Register Agency.

The book is aimed not only at the would-be entrepreneurs but also at the existing ones and at the owners of small businesses. While reading this book, the owners can learn about some new things or become particularly interested in certain fields and search by themselves for more detailed information on that issue later on.

I hope that some of the government administration employees will also find this book and read it, so that its contents and any possible comments on it may help in modifying the existing laws or passing new ones. This book was written bearing primarily in mind the business owner’s (as is the author himself) way of thinking.

To those of you who have never thought about starting up your own business up to now, but have come across this book, I recommend to read it - one never knows. You might decide to start your own business at one moment. And to those who are almost completely sure that they will never (be able to) start their own business, I recommend to read this book, since it can help them better understand how their employers (business owners) think. This understanding can help them better position themselves in the eyes of the owner, and thus get more benefits.

Dear Reader, in hope that this book will be useful to you, I wish you a successful start-up of your own business.

About the author

Ljubiša Lazarević was born in Belgrade in 1976. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Belgrade in 2000.

In 2005, he set up »Mena Consulting«, a company engaged in providing accounting and tax consultancy services.

Before that, Ljubiša was employed at Torlak Institute, Belgrade as the Head of the Planning and Analysis Department, and in the enterprise Jugoelektro ad, Belgrade as the Foreign Trade Associate.


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